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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

BGE (S1-S3)

Broad General Education Children and young people work their way through Experiences and Outcomes in each of the five Curriculum Levels (Early, First, Second, Third, Fourth) and in each of the eight Curricular Areas. The five Curricular Levels span pre-school to the end of S3. This is the Broad General Education. Pupils progress at their own pace, working through the Experiences and Outcomes of the most appropriate level for them. Pupils will be supported in collecting evidence of their achievements, with a profile of these being produced in S3.

Experiences and Outcomes are what the learner will be able to explain or do. There are detailed Experiences and Outcomes for all subjects available on the Education Scotland website; teachers work to deliver these, and the progress of learners is measured in the achievement of Outcomes. Reporting to parents is likely to include information about children’s Experiences and Outcomes and about the Levels at which they are working.

S2 Curriculum Pathways information slides

s2 curriculum pathways evening sept 2023.pdf