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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

Moffat Academy Contact Details

Our office staff are your first point of contact. They will be pleased to deal with any enquiry you wish to make regarding your child and to put you in touch with the relevant member of staff.

Outside office hours you may leave a message on our answering machine.

Emails will be re-directed to relevant member of staff.

Please contact us beforehand if you require an appointment we are here to help.

Tell us about an absence or an appointment

Report on Parents Portal or call us on 01683 222000.

If you have not yet linked with your young person on Parents Portal, please click on the link below:

Discuss a concern regarding your young person

Call 01683 222000  or email gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk and ask for one of the members of staff listed below: 

Nursery Mrs Alison Ryder Nursery Manager
Primary Mr Murray Gallacher Depute Head Curriculum and Learning
Secondary Mr Pete Colqohoun Depute Head SQA, Curriculum and Learning
S1-S3 Mrs Melanie Ayling PT Pupil Support for Pastoral Care 
S4-S6 Mrs Sandra Allison PT Pupil Support for Pastoral Care 

Discuss a Child Protection Matter

To discuss a Child Protection matter please contact:

Primary and Nursery: Mrs Nicky Brown

Secondary: Mrs Kirstin Candlish

Call 01683 222000  or email gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk and ask for one of the above.

During out of hours or outwith term time, please follow the link for contact details: https://www.dgppp.org.uk/article/18635/Report-a-concern-about-a-child-or-young-person

General Enquiries

Call 01683 222000  or email gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk

Update your details

Call 01683 222000  or email gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk

If you have not yet linked with your young person on Parents Portal, please click on the link below.

Response times

We endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

You can help us by ensuring that you direct your enquiry to the correct place and only sending your enquiry to one account.

Concerns, complaints and compliments 

 Tara Woods, Head Teacher gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk

Communication Standards

We welcome all forms of communication from our school cluster community and partners.  Everyone is encouraged to express their views in a calm and reasonable manner.

Therefore, we must insist that in accordance with Dumfries and Galloway policy, all communication and correspondence directed to our staffing team are polite and respectful, maintaining dignity at work for all.  This includes telephone calls, emails, letters and direct instant messenger facilities e.g. Class Dojo.

Thank you in advance.

Tara Woods, Head Teacher.

ClassDojo: Nursery and Primary

Class Dojo is a means of communication between nursery / primary school teachers and families. Every class shares photos and videos from the school day through a class story. There is also an instant messaging facility that can be translated into more than 35 languages. This messaging feature can be used for informal notes, updates and reminders. To connect, simply request a joining link from the main school office on 01683 222000 or by emailing gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk 

ClassDojo Messenger Facility Use

Please be respectfully reminded that nursery / class teachers can deal with minor queries only via the Dojo direct messaging facility - these being short, non-urgent, simple messages.  Messages will usually be sent and received by our teachers between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

As staff are class committed and many also work on a part-time basis, please do not direct message urgent queries as these messages will probably not be seen quickly and we cannot guarantee a prompt response. Please call the school office instead where your enquiry will be addressed and passed on to the relevant team member including the Senior Leadership Team where appropriate.

May we highlight that most issues or concerns (particularly any incidents arising) should be raised via the school office, general email or by phone call.   This can be done via the ‘contact’ tab on the school website, via telephone on 01683 222000 or by emailing us on gw08officemoffat@ea.dumgal.sch.uk 

To support the health and wellbeing of our teachers, may we also request that we encourage them to maintain their ‘quiet hours’ during evenings and weekends – this is important time where our staff must rest and recharge. 

Anticipating your continued support.

Parent Connect

If you would like to get in touch please contact us by email on maparentconnect@gmail.com or through our Facebook page below:

Parent Connect Facebook

Other Useful contacts

 Police Scotland: 101 or 999 in an emergency.HelplinesPupil Help Page