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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

Our Well Being Dog









This webpage is dedicated to introducing you to our Well Being Dog programme at Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster.

You may be aware that there is a growing movement in many schools to introduce the concept of school pets as a way of teaching all children responsibility and providing a source of pleasure and learning. For several years, we have been discussing the benefits of a school dog for our students. There are several school dogs already in post around Scotland and we firmly believe that having a school dog can only enhance and extend the students’ opportunities for learning – both academically and socially.  

All About our Well Being Dog

Safety First, Policy, Insurance, Risk Assessment, Dog Behavourist

What are the benefits of a dog in school?

Intended Role for a dog in school

Barney's school journey so far 

Barney's Photo Gallery


Whilst we are at an early stage in this process, it would be helpful to know whether we have any students who are allergic to dog hair (although Barney is hypoallergenic and does not cast so this hopefully shouldn’t be an issue), saliva allergy or who have a particular phobia concerning dogs. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are happy for your child to eventually interact with the dog although spending time with Barney is always optional. 

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch through the usual channels.