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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

Recognition of Positive Achievement

Pupil Achievements Merit Awards Aim: To provide a means by which we can recognise pupil achievement and build a culture of praise. Objectives:

To build self esteem in all pupils by rewarding all pupils for their achievement;

To recognise the different aptitudes and abilities which contribute to self achievement;

To reward achievement at all levels;

To encourage pupils to strive for a high level of performance;

To encourage pupils to praise others in their achievements;

To encourage an interest in books.

Merit Awards can therefore be divided into two categories:

Performance - for a pupil who demonstrates a high level of ability as revealed in his/her performance in a certain subject or subjects;

Endeavour - for a pupil who demonstrates he/she has made an effort which has resulted in an improvement in a particular subject or area.

The class teacher can be involved with the pupil in setting a target for this award. It must be stressed that whilst all pupils should hopefully gain an award, it is not a right but something to be earned.

The award may be given for:

A high level of performance in a particular area;

A high level of performance in a number of areas;

A breakthrough in a particular curriculum areas; 

A marked improvement in behaviour; 

Achievement in sports/games; 

Achievement in the performing arts; 

The consideration of others; 

Showing initiative/enterprise in a particular field; 

Any other achievement the class teacher deems worthy of recognition.

Certificates and Star Writers

Certificates are presented at our weekly assemblies for children who have caught their teacher’s eye throughout the week. In line with Curriculum for Excellence, these certificates are divided into four categories - Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

We also give out certificates and prizes for “Star Writers”.

Wider Achievement Board

Children are encouraged to bring in achievements/ awards they have received outwith school. Their success is then celebrated at our weekly assemblies and their achievement recorded on our Wider Achievement Board at the school entrance for all to see.

Display Boards

This is another means of rewarding good work, encouraging high expectations and keeping parents, pupils and the community informed about progress. The items are selected by staff and are mounted on boards in the corridors.