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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

School Aims, Values and Ethos

As a school we are constantly reflecting on and evaluating our work with pupils, staff, parents and with our partners in the local community.

Our school motto/vision statement is:

“Come aboard our learning journey for life, work and play.”

Our agreed values are:

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, Achievement.

Our aims are to ensure all our pupils develop as:

Successful Learners:

• Children who are motivated and active in their learning

• Children who understand what and why they are learning

• Children who are involved in planning and making choices in their learning

• Children who can think about their learning and setting next steps and how they can improve

• Children who have an opportunity to learn in lots of ways

Children who are able to apply their learning and are encouraged to solve problems

Responsible Citizens:

• Children who are good role models and are able to respect the needs and feelings of others

• Children who are polite and well behaved: they can take ownership of their actions

• Children who are actively involved in making their school and community a healthier and greener place

• Children who are aware of Scottish culture and all the cultures that make our society special.

Confident Individuals:

• Children who feel safe, secure and confident in school and display the same confidence in their local/ wider community

• Children who know their own strengths and have a “can do” attitude

• Children who can contribute and communicate their opinions and ideas

Effective Contributors:

• Children who can take on different roles by working independently and in a team

• Children who work hard to meet the high expectations we have of them • Children who listen to and value the contributions of others to help them in their learning

• Children who are able to talk about their learning and share it with others

School Ethos

In Beattock Primary School, we see our “Community” as the coming together of: children, parents/carers, staff and the local and wider community. As a school community, we aim to work together to provide our learners with the best possible education and allow them to become successful, responsible, confident and effective individuals in this 21st century world.