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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

School Closure

Severe Weather and School Closure Arrangements (Inc. Safer Together Guidance):-

Head teachers are authorised to make an emergency closure when the state of the weather or any other exceptional circumstance make it necessary in the best interests of the pupils. In these circumstances parents will be communicated with in a variety of ways including text messages/ phone calls and emergency contact arrangements. All school closures will be notified on the Council Website (www.dumgal.gov.uk), School website (www.moffat.dumgal.sch.uk) and school Facebook page (www.facebook.com/moffatacademy). Parents can help the school by planning for any potential school closure by monitoring weather reports and checking on the Council Website:

http://www. dumgal.gov.uk/article/15240/Emergency-school-closures


If parents/carer decide to send their child/ren to school they should give strict instructions to their child as what they should do should the transport not arrive on time.  Children should not, at any time, wait for lengthy periods in winter for transport.  Waiting time should be limited and if transport does not arrive, children should return home.


If the school closes during the school day the previous procedures would again apply and in addition:-

  • Pupils within the town will be released only after those who travel on authority transport;
  • Pupils will only be released home if the school has confirmation there is parent/carer at home or an emergency contact available;
  • To ensure their personal safety pupils will be kept at school until the parent has agreed with the necessary arrangements for sending home;
  • Parents should therefore make arrangements for their children being sent home unexpectedly and their children should be fully aware of these arrangements 

For the above procedures to operate effectively it must be stressed that parents and carers must ensure that the telephone contact details (including mobile telephone numbers and emergency contacts) which have been supplied to the school are kept up to date.  It is imperative that the school holds this accurate information to ensure the health and safety of every child.