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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

School Meals

School Meals, Naturally D&G local provenance for a sustainable future. Detailed information on school meals is available at:


Term 4 Menu- April - July 2022

Term 4

Term 3 Menu - JAnuary-MArch 2022

Term 3


You may be aware that Dumfries and Galloway Council have introduced an Online Payment facility for school meals only. Paying online is a more convenient and secure way to pay for your child’s lunches reducing the need for cash handling, especially during Covid-19 and also to allow pupils to reduce the amount of cash they carry to school we are now aiming for Moffat Primary school meals service to become cash free.

As well as this exciting initiative, we are also trialing an online pre-order system for paid and free meals whereby we would ask all parents / carers to create an account to allow you to complete this with your child (ren). Our launch date for pre-ordering food online started of Monday 22 November 2021.
Each child will have a school meals account. If they are to take a paid meal you will be required to top up this account with money.

You can start making payments immediately after registering your account.

Individualised letters were sent out to parents/carers in November with your login and password. If you require any assistance or did not receive a letter please contact the school office on 01683 222000.

Setting up your iPayimpact account

Dumfries and Galloway Council is working with myaccount, the simple and secure sign-in service for accessing online public services in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government.

Myaccount provides people living in Scotland with the ability to set up an online account and use it – using a simple user name and password – across a range of online public services.

  1. Go to www.dumgal.gov.uk/online-school-payments and select ‘Sign in or Register for iPayimpact with MyGovScots myaccount’ This will take you to the screen below and you can select Register to create a new account.

  1. If you already have a myaccount online account, you can use your existing credentials to sign into the ipayimpact service.


  1. If you don’t already have one, setting up an online myaccount account involves a simple registration process. Once you’ve registered and set up your myaccount, providing a minimal amount of information, including your name and where you live, you’ll be sent a verification link to activate your account to your chosen email account. 


  1. Once you have activated your myaccount online account, you should use your myaccount user name and password to return to the screen above and login to create your Ipayimpact account. This does not involve creating a second username and password – the only credentials you will need to remember are your myaccount user name and password.


  1. When you have successfully set up a myaccount, return to www.dumgal.gov.uk/online-school-payments, and click Sign in or register for iPayimpact with MyGovScots myaccount


  1. You will be asked to share your core data with iPayimpact. Select Yes, take me there to proceed.
  2. If you are returned to the Ipayimpact homepage, always select ‘login via mygovscot’ as highlighted below:

  1. You will be taken to a screen that asks you to Link Account. Enter the Account Ref associated with your child (details at the top of this letter) and enter into the box marked Account Ref.


  1. Click Find Account and Establishment - Your child’s establishment will display. If this is correct click ‘Link Account


  1. At the top of the page, Select Home - You should now be able to see your child’s details and go on to pre-order meals or top up their balance.


  1. You can repeat this process to link additional children and can add multiple accounts to your login by accessing the link on the Home page or by accessing Accounts on the menu bar


  1. If you are making a financial transaction, you will be transferred to the Council’s secure Income Management System, provided by Capita PLC to complete your payment by entering your credit or debit card details. None of your credit card, debit card or bank details will be shared with the iPayimpact system. 

Information about your data and security

Dumfries and Galloway Council is working with iPayimpact and the Improvement Service, which operates myaccount,  to keep your details safe.  The Improvement Service is funded by the Scottish Government to run the mygov.scot myaccount identity verification service.

We prefer you to pay online for school-related expenses as this ensures your school gets the maximum benefit from the money you pay – as it is less expensive for the council to process online payments compared to cash payments.  We recognise you may choose however to pay by cash and will continue to provide this service to you.  If you do wish to continue to pay by cash, we would very much appreciate you paying by exact change only as this would simplify things for your school’s staff.

Special dietary requirements

For food allergy and intolerances; medically prescribed diets; or diets for religious or cultural reasons specific meals for children of different ethnic origin may be catered for. Ask the school for a registration form or call 030 33 33 3000 and ask for Facilities Operations (Catering)

Free School Meals

Free School Meals are provided for all pupils in Primary 1, 2 and 3. Younger children at nursery or older pupils at primary may also be eligible for free school meals in certain situations as well as those families on qualifying benefits. For more information on free school meal entitlement visit http:// www.dumgal.gov.uk/schoolmeals or contact Education Support Services on 01387 260 493