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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

Senior Phase - Initial Destination

Staying on or leaving school Dumfries and Galloway’s vision is that all young people will receive an appropriate offer of post-16 learning, training, employment or personal skills development with 100% positive destinations for all school leavers in Dumfries and Galloway. Planning forms part if the process for ensuring there are opportunities available for young people on leaving school. Planning will help identify the most appropriate offer that matches a young person’s needs and career aspirations. It must be:

  • At the right level;
  • Accessible both in terms of location and local labour market opportunity;
  • Delivered through the right learning method; ? Fit with your chosen pathway.

To find out more visit: https://www.dgtap.co.uk/education and https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/.

The DG Youth Guarantee is an extension of the Scottish Government’s commitment that every single 16-19 year old in Scotland will be offered a place in appropriate learning or training if they are not already in a job, Modern Apprenticeship or in education. This includes 3 critical elements:-

  • The right learning - with a range of options on personalisation and choice. This will include staying on at school, entering further or higher education, taking up employment, an Apprenticeship, participating in training, or taking part in personal skills development in a community learning and development setting or a third sector organisation;
  • The right support to remove barriers that might restrict young people’s learning choices and information, advice and guidance; to help young people take up and sustain their offer;
  • The right financial support to help young people take up the offer which is right for them and not the choice which pays best or offers the most generous support.

For more information visit: https://www.dgtap.co.uk/youth-guarantee.

Universal Support for all Learners

All learners are asked to identify their plans for the future from S3 onwards. This information is saved by the school and can help young people choose relevant subjects as well as being passed on to partner organisations to plan for pathways beyond school. Young people are asked about their anticipated leaving date, preferred route and preferred sectors. This information is updated annually as young people change and consider pathways. Final destinations secured on leaving school are recorded on a leavers form. Targeted Support for Learners As all young people progress through the BGE phase, Skills Development Scotland and/or Supporting Learners staff will have established a model of support for pupils. All pupils (S4-6) are considered to determine their level of risk of not achieving a positive destination up to 6 months before their leaving date. For those who wish to leave but do not have a positive destination a key partner will be agreed to ensure the appropriate support is in place for each young person. Young people who have been given extra support in school will automatically be considered to enable the right support to continue through the transition to post school if needed. There are a range of identified support programmes available to help young people who wish to leave school but require more support before moving in to training, employment or further education.

For more information, visit: https://www.dgtap.co.uk/training-development.

Skills Development Scotland - My World of Work

Skills Development Scotland offer support in schools and online for pupils and parents including:

  • Information for parents: parents and careers section to help parents support their children through career decisions;
  • Subject choices: everything young people need to consider when choosing their subjects;
  • Leaving school: help to find the right job, training or further education opportunity;
  • Exam results: help to plan their next steps after exams;
  • Preparing for a job: build a CV and practise for interviews; 
  • Apprenticeships: find out what apprenticeships are available including foundation apprenticeships which begin at school.