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Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster

The History of Our School

The Academy has a long history. The name "Moffat Academy" dates from 1834 when the local Parish school was amalgamated with the Grammar school founded in 1639 by a Dr. Johnstone.

This Grammar school had been housed until 1772 in a building which, according to tradition, stood in the middle of the High Street, but from 1772 until 1834 it was housed in the upper floor of the Courthouse building at the corner of Well Street (the building with the clock). The Parish school was housed in School Lane.

The Academy has occupied the previous site since 1834. In 1873 it was taken over by the School Board. In 1932 the previous building was erected and there have been several extensions since. The Academy was uprgraded to full sixth year status in 1988, and the first School Board of modern times was elected in 1990.

The new Academy began construction in 2007 and was officially opened in early 2010. We are now fully settled and reaping the benefits of the new facilities. Hopefully this building will enjoy the long and illustrious life that it's predecessor had.